Studdert Legal & Advisory is a law firm, but not your traditional law firm.

We pride ourselves on providing innovative, flexible and cost-effective legal solutions to our clients that, in turn, delivers tangible value and outcomes to our clients’ businesses.

We quickly cut through to the real issues and provide practical and concise legal advice (without all the fanfare).

While we provide top quality advice to our clients, we do not carry the large overheads of city-based law firms.  We are therefore able to pass on the savings directly to our clients.  If the legal work is too specialised for us to do, we tell our clients and generally refer them to a lawyer or law firm that can.

Studdert Legal & Advisory was started by Mary Studdert after more than 15 years in private practice and corporate life.  Having assumed a range of legal and commercial roles in both China and Australia, Mary has gained extensive experience in general commercial advice and transactions, dispute resolution and property.

At Studdert Legal & Advisory, we are passionate about being good at what we do and love doing it.  We look forward to working with like-minded clients.

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