China Advisory

Studdert Legal & Advisory provides advisory services to Australian companies wishing to establish a business in, and operate from, China.

Advice includes:

The nature of the advice is both strategic and practical.  If specialised legal advice or other professional services are required, we have a network of China-based lawyers and service providers to call upon at competitive hourly rates.

We understand that risk needs to be managed differently in an emerging market such as China and pride ourselves on providing advice "with Chinese characteristics".  Often, what is not an acceptable risk in Australia may be part of day-to-day business in China, and what is part of day-to-day business in Australia may not be permitted in China.

Mary Studdert is the principal of Studdert Legal & Advisory.  She spent 6 years living, studying and working in China and has strong Mandarin language skills.  She has prepared and delivered papers on various aspects of Chinese law in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, and frequently travels to China.

Track record

Studdert Legal & Advisory acts for a number of Australian companies, both large and small, that have manufacturing and sourcing operations in China.

Clients have been delighted at the practical nature of our advisory services and appreciate the time and cost savings from utilising Studdert Legal & Advisory as the initial point of contact.

We delight in our clients’ successes.  Some of our clients have gone onto win prestigious awards from the Australia China Business Council.

Next steps

If you are considering establishing a firm foothold or up-grading your current business scope and presence in China, initiate the process by contacting Studdert Legal & Advisory.