Companies are now highly focused on managing down the cost-of-doing-business, and this includes legal costs.  For day-to-day legal work, management teams and legal departments are increasingly rejecting hourly-based legal fees offered by city-based law firms and looking for more innovative, flexible and cost-effective alternatives.

Studdert Legal & Advisory has a clear understanding of the needs of in-house legal teams and offers its unique parachuting services to corporate clients.  This involves parachuting Mary into your existing legal or management team to provide solid, hands-on experience and support during peak periods, onerous deadlines, particular projects or staff on annual or parental leave.

Depending on your requirements, our parachuting services can be provided from your offices or remotely (from our offices), full time (on a project basis) or part time and at a daily rate or weekly rate.

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Track record

We have fulfilled assignments with a number of large Australian companies.  The nature of the work has been very broad and ranged from documenting and negotiating commercial and property transactions to providing advice on dispute resolution and regulatory compliance.

Clients have viewed our parachuting services as a happy medium between outsourcing 100% of their legal work to external lawyers and recruiting an in-house lawyer.  It has also been used by clients as a means to consolidate legal service providers and reduce external legal costs.


Next steps

If you are reviewing your legal resourcing requirements or considering more flexible and cost-effective alternatives to the current resourcing model, contact Studdert Legal & Advisory.